Ensuring website maintenance and support is a must to continue. Setting up a website is the most efficient branding method, but it certainly requires support after launch.


Types of support services:

Technical maintenance and support
Security maintenance and support
Content maintenance and support
Website template maintenance and support


Website problems:

Server problems
Host and domain problems
Slowing down the website speed
Checking the website in various browsers
Checking up the website at different hours of the day

The website’s technical and security support is free of charge for all customers whose website design is under our responsibility in the first year.
If you have already designed your website, if you wish, wecan keep your website maintenance and support by our experts. The Web Art team relying on its experiences in troubleshooting areas, changes in website codes, adding features, redesigning, optimizing and maintaining the website will be at your service.
We will be answering your questions on a full-time basis, which shows that customer satisfaction is our most important part of our work.