Let us make your website Responsive!

In the design of the Responsive website, the structure of the website layers is floated so that the website adapts itself to different browser sizes, and the format, framing, and arrangement of sentences can easily be viewed on any of the tools on the Web, such as computers, laptops, Mobile, tablet and etc.

The content is like water, a proverb that shows the principles of reactivity.

Advantages of a Responsive Site:

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    Time reduction

    Due to the design, only one responsive template to be used in all the gadgets time is saved and does not require the design of separate templates for devices.

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    Overtaking competitors

    Considering that the responsive design is not comprehensive yet, having this feature indicates that you are professional.

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    Website traffic increase

    Due to the increased browsing of Internet users via mobile devices, with responsive design, all the people who enter your website with any tool, your website will be viewed as best as possible.

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    In order to design a separate website for the audience of other devices, you must copy all the contents of the original website. This action has the effect of duplicating or repeating the content of both sites on Google, which reduces the ranking as a result of the search.

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    Bounce Rate

    Some of the website visitors will be logged out of the website right away. Given the importance of Responsive from the Google, if the site is not responsive, the user leaves the site after entering the site through the mobile because of the lack of easy access to the content, so increasing the Bounce Rate will reduce the ranking of the site in Google.

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    Reducing costs

    No need to design more templates for other existing devices and devices in the future.