Optimization & Developement

Does your website have all the features and capabilities you need for your profession?

Is the design of your website and its content user-friendly?

Is the speed, safety and flexibility of your website desirable?

Is the number of your website visitors significant?

Does the appearance of your website have the charm for a pleasant feeling in the customer?

Does your website, which is a showcase for your business, help you outpace others in the competitive environment?


You can give us the development and promotion of your website in all aspects, so that we will be with you in having a professional website in harmony with the latest and most up-to-date design items.

+Updating the Templates
The timely and accurate update of your website template will increase the efficiency of your website and fix some of the possible defects and prevent safety issues. In Web Art, we will be updating your website template by following safety tips.

+Site Content Support
Site data and information is one of the most important parts of the site. Therefore, managing information and entering information required according to the standards of the day, including the data packet’s specifics, the amount of data entry, the daily upload of the file and the content, and etc. are very sensitive and important tasks that require a lot of energy.

+Redesigning the pages

Responsive design to be displayed in various smart devices
– New template design by applying changes
– Adding new features to the site
– Use SEO standards and optimize codes and tags of different pages

+Content generation considering the standards
Because of the importance of content on website’s visitors count and increasing the website’s rank in search engines, the Web Art assumes the content of your website to meet the standards required for optimization, use of appropriare photos, thematic coherence, attractive and influential content, and …. Create the best content to optimize your website.